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    Discover the best LED lighting solutions for horticulture

    Horti Pro LED

    Based in England, HORTI PRO LTD is a company that provides the best LED lighting for both professional and horticultural individuals. Horti Pro LED guarantees you the best result to forget the old HPS which consumes and heats a lot. All of our lights have an improved spectrum allowing for a higher PPF than competitive models, so better yields

    Discover the true Full Spectrum

    As you may know a real full spectrum, and a white light, because to get the white one needs all the colors in some measure, like the light emitted by the sun. Discover our ranges CREE COB true FULL SPECTRUM

    Original COB Cree CXB3590

    Our Chips are CXB 3590 is not the CXA 3590 not to be confused. CXBs are more powerful. Each COB runs at a power consumption of 56w for 147w of LED is replaced a 150w Hps without problem. Come try the HortiPro LEDs, we guarantee you will forget your old lighting system that consumes so much energy for not much at the Final

    Full Spectrum

    Spectral Distribution

    CREE CXB3590 Grow Lights

    Discover the new Kit Cree CXB3590
    The top of the horticultural LED lighting sold in kit to make accessible to all the best of LED lighting
    Discover the LED revolution and get the best results at the best prices
    All our kit contains what you need to offer you lighting adapted to your space is not the reverse
    We can assemble you entirely by our care and you sent ready to function

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